To novusidea tourism & travel blogs info είναι μια ιδέα-συνέχεια μιας σειράς blogs που ο υπογράφων θεωρεί «δωρεάν οχήματα» για ένα ου-τοπικό ταξίδι στο φιλοξενείο-γη. Στο δρόμο ο οδηγός συναντά τοπία, καταλύματα, αξιοθέατα, ανθρώπους, φαινόμενα, ιδέες που μετά από μία αφ-αιρετική αξιολόγησή τους, αποτυπώνει τις εντυπώσεις του με ιδιαίτερο τρόπο. Ευχαριστούμε το ξενοδοχείο-γη για το όμορφο αυτό ταξίδι και την δωρεάν παροχή άπειρων αγαθών και υπηρεσιών στους παραμένοντες … Παράλληλα μοντέρνα ή παραδοσιακά καταλύματα καλούνται να αποδείχνουν κάθε στιγμή την ικανότητα τους να αποπληρώνουν με ωραίο, σεμνό και value for money τρόπο τις ανάγκες των πελατών τους...

Cultural trips travels tours in all regions of Peloponese South Greece Epirus Northwestern and unexplored regions of greek history

Somewhere we know ( is a cultural travel company and an incoming tour operator in Greece specialized in unique cultural and heritage tours in the regions of the Peloponnese (South Greece), Epirus (Northwestern Greece) and other unexplored regions of the country. We create unique experiential travels and cultural tours, food & wine tours, hiking tours and family tours, bringing travellers closer to the secrets of Greek history, culture and nature.

We welcome to our cultural tours like minded people who travel with a purpose: to learn about Greek history, philosophy and culture, to collect moments beyond the ordinary, to explore unknown paths, to live exceptional experiences, and to embrace the every day life of modern Greece.

Please read this company presentation to get more information about somewhere we know.


We provide a wide range of offers and tours. We have one day tours around Athens and multi-day tours from Athens to various parts of Greece. We travel in small groups of around 14-25 people, which makes the travel experience more personal. But we also organise tailor-made tours for independent travellers and custom-made self drive tours. All these are for leisure, MICE, FITs or groups.

Here is a selection of cultural & experiential tours we have designed for 2016:

Day tours near Athens
_Around Athens: Vineyards on the trails of Classical Greece | 1 day
_The Culture of Agiorgitiko Wine in Nemea: From antiquity to today | 1 day
_A Modern, Organic Farm in a Byzantine Settlement: a Gastronomic Experience | 1 day

Hiking through history
_ Peloponnese in the foosteps of British writer and artist, Edward Lear | 5 days
_ Ηιking through history in Messinia, in Southern Greece | 3 days
_ Delphi-Parnassus-Meteora: through the eyes of famous European travellers | 3 days

Cultural tours
_ A sailing cruise to Ancient Epidaurus | 3 days
_ Asclepieia: The Sanctuaries of Healing in Ancient Greece | 2 days
_ Asclepieia: The Sanctuaries of Healing in Ancient Greece | 5 days
_ Cultural Route to the Ancient Theatres of Epirus, in Greece | 5 days
_ On the Trail of Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor in Mani, Southern Greece | 3 days
_ Samothrace: The island of the Great Gods in northern Greece | 4 days
_ Following the journey of François-René de Chateaubriand in Southern Greece | 5 days

Travelling with kids
_ Tranquil Attica Countryside: The Temple of Artemis in Brauron | 1 day
_ Young Explorers in Ancient Olympia & Clermont Castle in Greece | 2 days

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